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10 Grenelle Paris

Based on the standard folding sunshade product, NOVAL added a cover that opens when the shutter is folded, specially for this office building. This cover maximises light inside the building while limiting direct heat input from sunlight. 

The building’s 2 facades have nearly 700 folding shutters which, together with a Centralised Technical Management system, sunlight sensors and a ‘shadow management’ function, help to reduce the building’s energy expenditure.

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Haute-Garonne General Council

For this office building, 780 ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ woven aluminium mesh sunshade curtains were fitted in the facade.

They can be operated during the day, individually or in groups, creating an eye-catching facade.

In the evening, all the curtains are closed automatically, restoring the facade to its initial uniformity.

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LA POSTE Head Office

Renovation and adding floors to an existing 1990 building, to house the head office of La Poste.

The building had to be brought up to standard to comply with the most demanding certifications (HQE and BREEAM). In this context the architect wished to install more than 2400 motorised folding shutters for optimum management of heat input from sunlight.



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Siège social véolia

Veolia Head Office

Tilting system for vertical tilting sunshades.

NOVAL worked on integrating motorisation into the facades, taking into account all aspects of the project (mechanical integration, operation and interfacing with the centralised building management system, addition of a locking system for maintenance and cleaning operations, sectioning the facade and reducing the number of motors needed, etc.). 

Total surface area of the facade: 2340m²

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Solution for JCDecaux innovates

Solution for JCDecaux innovates

JCDecaux Innovate asked Noval for new communication solutions through street furniture.
Above is an example of a specific development where Noval developed a module simulating snowfall to animate an advertising space in an original way.

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